What makes traveling enjoyable are the discoveries people make on their journeys. While traveling, one can discover many things about the world that one never thought could exist. Countries differ in many ways such as culture, lifestyle, landscape, people, attractions and much more. A tourist exploring different counties has a chance to learn a lot about its history.

Some countries are large, while others are extremely small. This difference makes each of these countries unique in several ways. When you visit the smallest countries in the world, you can learn and discover life there and the ways of doing things on a very local scale.

ten Vatican City State

The Vatican City State is one of the smallest countries with an area of ​​only 44 hectares. The country is trendy, especially for its religion, and has a population of around a thousand citizens. The famous St. Peter’s Basilica is a Baroque masterpiece. It has several attractions that allow the country to receive many visitors. Another iconic place is the Vatican Museums which has a great art collection.

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9 Republic of San Marino

It is one of the oldest small countries and the oldest sovereign state in Italy. The country was founded around 301, adding to its rich history and culture. It was founded as a sovereign state in Italy and is the only one left. The country which covers only 71 square kilometers is very small but with cities, rugged landscapes and castles. Even though the Republic of San Marino is too small, there are still many beautiful things and places to see. The capital is Museo di Stato which is a World Heritage Site.

8 tuvalu

Tuvalu is a tiny country that sits between Hawaii and Queensland. It is one of the most exciting countries on this list as it is made up of just three islands and six atolls. Tuvalu takes the shape of a simple semicircle. Tuvalu County covers an area of ​​26 square kilometers of land. Although Tuvalu is so small and made up of islands at the bottom of the sea, it still receives a few thousand tourists every year. As there are few cruises in the country, it can be difficult to get there, but once someone manages to visit Tuvalu, the experience is priceless.

7 Nauru

Nauru is in a location close to the Solomon Islands and Kiribati. It covers an area of ​​only 21 square kilometers. Nauru County has a long and fascinating history which is therefore well worth visiting. However, the country receives a high number of visitors who enjoy coral reefs, swimming, hiking, and other activities. It is also very peaceful and welcoming to visitors.

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6 Liechtenstein

Covering only 161 square kilometers, the country of Liechtenstein is yet another very small country in the world to visit. The citizens of this country speak German, and it is found in the Alps, just between Austria and Switzerland. However, a unique fact about the country is that it has a very high GDP per capita. Thanks to its small population, unemployment rates are low in Liechtenstein. However, visiting the country is not easy as there are no airports. You have to go to Zurich airport and then head towards the county.

5 Saint Kitts and Nevis

It is a nation made up of 2 islands and is located in the West Indies. Saint Kitts and Nevis, despite its small size, still has a fascinating landscape full of mountains and beaches. It is also known for its unique history and activities. Tourism is valuable in the country; tourists therefore benefit from a peaceful and friendly environment. While visiting the country, one will also find good luxury hotels. A great place to visit may include Brimstone Hill Fortress National Park, a World Heritage Site.

4 The Maldives

The Maldives are very popular among tourists and create an excellent holiday environment. It is made up of 26 coral atolls, 80 islands offering tourist resorts and 200 inhabited islands, making the country a haven for relaxation and vacation. The Maldives is a country that has focused and invested in tourism with great facilities, and they have paid well. Travelers to the Maldives will enjoy luxurious results, underwater life, and other fantastic water-related activities.

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3 Grenade

It is a land also known as Spice Island Grenada for the abundance of spice trees, exotic plants and flowers. Grenada County is famous for the production of cloves, cinnamon, cocoa, ginger and nutmeg. It is also beautiful as it has cascading rivers, mountains, lakes, waterfalls and tropical rainforests. The country having a magical ecosystem and natural attractions and measuring just 133 square miles, it is a great opportunity for a traveler to explore.

2 Palau

Palau is known as a world leader in the protection of marine ecosystems. This is one of the reasons why a tourist should consider visiting the country. With 250 islands, the country offers more than enough. There are many beaches with clean areas, allowing to enjoy sand, coral reefs, sea life, variety of fish, diving, snorkeling and other interesting activities.

1 Malta

Malta is an exceptional small country to visit. The most exciting part of Malta is its history. Malta’s history dates back to 3150 BC when megalithic temples existed. The country has many historical sites to visit and discover, including its impressive capital, Valletta.

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