Travel. Holiday. Go. With the easing and/or lifting of travel restrictions around the world, we still can’t believe we get to use these words more and more regularly now. And what could be better than booking your first vacation in years? How about getting some money while I do it? Singapore website ShopBack lets you browse, click and buy from over 10,000 online and in-store merchants through their website. Within 72 hours you will get genuine cashback in your ShopBack account which you can deposit into your bank account to use on your travels.

The best part about ShopBack is that because they’re associated with hundreds of stores, they have everything you might need for your trip – a one-stop virtual store.

First, you need to book a flight and accommodation. Luckily, ShopBack’s upcoming Extravelganza campaign gets you up to 20% cashback on a number of travel deals. The campaign is in partnership with sites like Expedia and, as well as specific airlines including Emirates and Malaysia Airlines, and covers cars, flights, and hotels. Whether you’re looking to splurge (in which case, browse Luxury Escapes) or are looking to backpack (hello, Hostelworld!), Extravelganza will make planning your trip as easy as possible, whatever your budget and needs. planes.

Photo: Unsplash/Arnel Hasanovic

If you’re the type who gets constantly accused of overpacking (hey, we get it, it’s important to look cute on vacation!), then travel cubes will become your new best friend. This set is waterproof and comes with seven cubes of different sizes so you can divide your closet and know where everything is. Obtain a electronic luggage scale will also allow you to weigh your luggage at home and ensure that you are not charged exorbitant fees at the airline check-in counter.

Unfortunately, do you have the impression that it will rain during the week you are at your destination? Get a raincoat luggage protector to keep, you know, everything you own safe and dry. And stay dry when venturing around – this foldable umbrella comes in four colors and is super compact so you can just throw it in your bag while you hit the streets.

As for headphones for airplane/bus/train, our opinion is that it is noise reduction or bust. This pair is cordless and comes in three classic colors. If you are traveling with children, these headphones for kids are also cordless and also come in a variety of fun color options.

Photo: Unsplash/Surface

As much as we would all love to completely unplug during our vacations, unfortunately work emergencies are still happening. If you’re going somewhere where Wi-Fi is spotty or non-existent and especially if you don’t want to pack your whole laptop, back up your files to a external hard drive — it’s lighter, more practical, and if a task arises, just ask your hotel for access to a computer. If you are bring your laptop (or other electronic device), nothing is more annoying than realizing that your chargers are not compatible with local charging ports. You will be grateful to have a travel adapter – it comes in a handy case and works for multiple countries, so no need to worry about making sure you’ve brought the right one.

While obviously we all have smartphones and Instagram stories, if you ask us, there’s something about polaroid photos that makes them more fun and heartwarming to look back on for weeks/months/even years later. the end of the journey that your phone’s camera roll just can’t quite capture. fujifilm made polaroid mini cameras that don’t take up much space and have a ton of fun frame options for you and your friends to go wild with!

Speaking of going wild, as fun as exploring a new city and seeing and doing things you’d never do at home, a cold night is sometimes a must even when you’re on vacation. As a backup, pack some decks of cards for those evenings when you’re completely exhausted and just want to order takeout. We personally recommend bringing both a classic option like One and something more animated to like Explosive kittens.

And if you don’t want the hassle of sorting out a SIM card after a long flight, ShopBack even has SIM cards available for multiple destinations, including Europe, Australiaand the Maldives. Simply buy online and collect it when you check in at Changi Airport.

Just excited now? Extravelganza is only running between April 26-30, so we suggest you start doing your preliminary research now to figure out where you want to go this summer.

Reservations and purchases can be made through the ShopBack Websiteor click on here to download the ShopBack!