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This summer, 1 in 2 Indian travelers plan to depart on their first trip since the 2020 lockdown: OYO’s Mid-Summer Vacation Index 2022

Posted May 10, 2022

  • Over 61% of Indian travelers plan to take vacations this summer
  • Hotels are the preferred stay option for Indians, with 44% positive votes, followed by alternative accommodation such as villas and homestays.
  • Short breaks of 1-3 days are the preferred choice of 55% of Indians
  • A whopping 94% showed a strong preference for traveling within the country
  • More than a third of Indians have chosen Manali as their hill station of choice; Goa tops the charts as India’s most popular beach destination
  • Pushpa star Rashmika Mandanna defeats SRK, Ranveer Singh, Alia Bhatt; becomes India’s dream travel companion during summer vacation

Chennai: This is no ordinary summer. It’s the first since pandemic-related travel restrictions were completely lifted in most parts of the country. That means travel aspirations are at an all-time high this summer. Tracking consumer sentiment across India, global travel technology company, OYO, has released a Midsummer 2022 Vacation Index. According to the report, over 61% of Indian travelers plan to take holidays this summer, 94% of whom showed a strong preference for traveling within the country. This shows that despite the opening of international air transport, the exploration of local destinations is here to stay in 2022.

Interestingly, 1 in 2 Indian travelers are planning to go on their first trip since the 2020 lockdown this summer. This is a strong indicator of the rebound in travel confidence across India, mainly due to mass vaccination campaigns, combined with the decreasing severity of the pandemic.

With approximately 65% ​​of the votes, a majority of travelers are fond of leisure travel, for a well-deserved break from the routine. In December 2021, as travel opened up within the country, most respondents preferred to travel primarily to meet family and friends after a long period due to the pandemic. Although there are some trend changes, short breaks continue to be the top choice for travellers. Nearly 55% of respondents still prefer shorter trips of around 1-3 days. According to OYO’s survey, more than 50% of Indians chose to travel with friends, while 26.5% said they would like to vacation with family. 13% of respondents also wanted to go solo this summer.

Where is India going this summer?

The hills against the beaches

While some like to spend their summer amid quaint hillside towns, many also like to spend this season soaking up the sun along white sand beaches. According to OYO’s consumer survey, with 1/4 of the votes, mountain resorts emerged as the clear winners. However, that’s not it. Almost 22% said they would like the best of both worlds – with a mix of hill stations and beaches. This is followed by preferences for beach towns, staycations, adventure sports destinations, riverside stays, among others. When it comes to the hills, more than a third of Indians opted for Manali as their top destination for cooling off, followed by approx. 20% wishing to visit Kashmir this summer. Sikkim, Ooty and McLeodganj were also popular choices among holidaymakers. Among beach lovers, 58% said Goa was definitely their dream beach destination in India. Then come the Andaman and Nicobar Islands and Kerala with 12% and 11% respectively.

From capturing sunsets in Goa to adoring the beauty of Kashmir in a Shikara, India’s summer wish list

Well, who doesn’t love a relaxing waterfall during the summers? Among the popular destinations for their rivers and waterfalls, a large proportion of respondents (38%) expressed interest in visiting Kullu this summer, followed by Rishikesh (of course, for its water sports!). Alleppey and Jim Corbett were also in the running as India’s top waterfront destinations. It’s summer and who wouldn’t love to catch a beautiful sunset? Almost 30% of Indians would love to enjoy stunning sunsets on a beautiful beach in Goa. A close second, 21% said there was no better way to watch the sunset than a shikara ride on Dal Lake in Srinagar. This was followed by the majestic sunset over the Taj Mahal.

Think summer, think picnics. To the right? At 35% each, respondents split between houseboats in Kashmir or ruins in Hampi as their favorite picnic spot. Others would like to visit any Indian village or Indian countryside for a quick picnic.

Go international, or maybe not?

With more than a third of respondents opting for this beach destination, the Maldives is once again India’s international dream destination, followed by Dubai, Thailand and the United States. And yet, OYO’s consumer survey shows that Indians are still keen on desi alternatives to videsi destinations. 58% of consumers prefer to vacation in Gulmarg over Switzerland, 70.3% in Coorg over Scotland and 67.9% choose Auli over Alaska.

A glimpse of traveler behavior this summer

Over the past couple of years, Indians have embraced spontaneity when it comes to travel. This trend continues to dominate travel decisions even today. 1 in 3 Indians prefer to book their trip in the same week. With 44% positive votes, hotels continue to be the preferred accommodation choice, followed by alternative accommodation options such as villas and homestays. However, 60% of respondents want to stick to a budget below INR 10,000. Additionally, data from the OYO Summer Vacation Index 2022 showed that 25.9% of Indians travel for a relaxing vacation while 16.4% of Indians are looking forward to exploring nature, followed by from photo shoots to scenic spots to Instagram and trying delicious food.

Commenting on the ever-changing consumer trends, Shreerang Godbole, SVP – Product & Chief Service Officer – OYO said, “We already had two booking records for a festive weekend in April. During Good Friday and the week of Vishu, we received 8 lakh bookings, the highest ever in 2022, surpassing New Year. Over the next two weeks, we expect this demand to increase further across all destinations. The last few years have changed the way we travel. People are much more open to taking smaller breaks, working somewhere scenic, or even making travel reservations at the very last minute. Along with these trends, consumers are now looking for more personalization and flexibility – when it comes to digital payments, easy booking changes or even assistance with resolving queries. In addition to this trend, we strongly believe that domestic destinations will benefit the most from this rebound, especially smaller unexplored destinations.

He adds: “At OYO, we have innovated several products and features to offer the maximum comfort and flexibility to travelers. Some of our features such as “Pay at Hotel”, easy cancellation and refund policies, 3-click booking process or nearby stays give consumers the confidence to travel on a whim, without worrying about “what if”. This surge in demand puts the country back on track to accommodate the growth of the pre-pandemic era. »

Some more powerful travel anecdotes

  • Holidays or stays? 64.3% of Indians chose vacations over vacations, 54.1% chose beach destinations over cold places
  • Not everyone likes the sun, some prefer a starry summer: Pushpa star Rashmika Mandanna beats SRK, Ranveer Singh, Alia Bhatt; becomes India’s dream travel companion during summer vacation
  • What is a trip without the trip? 22% of Indians said they usually make a pit stop to try local cuisine, while 15% said road trips can be too stressful, they might as well stay at an affordable local hotel to do so a nap during their trip.
  • Precious possessions: 19% of respondents said they would never leave their camera at home while on vacation. This was followed by really practical choices for the summer, such as water bottles, sunglasses, among others.
  • Well, here’s the deal breaker: 27.9% of respondents said their ideal hotel room should have a great view, while 26% prefer comfy beds and 17.3% would love one. jacuzzi.