Katie Butler writes: I flew with Jet2 last month in Spain and everything was fine. This time I will be flying with TUI and am slightly apprehensive about the delays and problems reported at the airport.

Vacation bookings are holding up despite media coverage of long waits at the airport and of course the rising cost of living.

There is always huge demand and our top selling destinations this week were Turkey, Mallorca and Tenerife. Even though Spain hasn’t let go of all Covid restrictions yet, it seems many of you are still craving some Spanish sunshine and sangria.

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TURKEY: One of the best-selling destinations. Photo: Adobe Stock

Which vacation destinations are unrestricted?

If you’re looking to take a holiday abroad and you’re not fully vaccinated or don’t want the hassle of vaccination tests, forms and certificates, there are now plenty of countries you can travel to without restriction.

Looking for a short-distance summer vacation – now you can travel to Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Greece, Italy and Madeira without having to present any Covid-related documents.

If you are further down your street, you can go to Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Egypt, Jamaica, the Maldives, Mexico and South Africa, to name a few, although registration forms may still be required for some of these longer destinations.

How can I prepare for security checks so as not to block the queue?

Remove all coats, jackets and belts, remove electronic items from bags and blankets before reaching the security person.

Also remember that you can only take liquids, including toothpaste, in 100ml containers which should be placed in a clear plastic bag.

Doing these simple things will speed things up for you and everyone else in the queue.

If you need to charge your smartphone or laptop, use the charging ports that many UK airports now offer in the terminal, or buy a portable charger to take with you.

Should I book now for 2023, will the prices go up?

Summer 2023 holidays have already been on sale and can be booked since last October with certain tour operators.

Before the pandemic, the summer holidays would normally be launched in the spring of the previous year, but due to Covid and many people wanting to change the dates much later, the holidays were launched much earlier.

If you book a vacation package and put down a deposit, your prices should be guaranteed. Jet2holidays has certainly confirmed that holiday prices once booked are guaranteed regardless of increased fuel costs etc.

I literally can’t wait to take off next week!

Even though I was lucky enough to take a vacation last year, there were still a lot of restrictions in place and there was so much going on in the office that I almost felt guilty leaving the store.

Luckily things have turned out much better this year and my wonderful staff are literally pushing me out the door! It’s good to have some normalcy back.

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Travel with Katie Butler: Vacation and Airport Disruption Update