Head will play Sri Lanka for Australia’s next assignment.

Travis Head and Jessica Davies. (Image source: Instagram/Travis Head)

Travis head and his fiancée, Jessica Davies are expecting a baby girl in the coming days. The Australian rapper took to his official Instagram account to share the good news with his fans. Earlier this year, Head and Davies revealed they were expecting their first child together in September.

Head has been dating Jessica Davies for a long time and got engaged in March 2021, and now they are expecting a baby girl. Recently, Head took a vacation to the Maldives with his partner who is currently six months pregnant, but they had a terrifying experience when they returned from a vacation in the Maldives. Head and his partner have both revealed the terrifying moment their plane was forced to make an emergency landing after returning from the same holiday.

Here is the official Instagram post of Travis Head

Speaking about the accident, Davies shared footage of the harrowing experience on Instagram. She wrote: “Our plane started descending 30 minutes into our one hour flight and we ended up landing on an island 45 minutes from our destination. After our second landing attempt, we slid off the tarmac into a field.

She added: ‘It was like watching a movie, people are freaking out and then some passengers got aggressive towards the staff because they locked us in a room with no water or phone signal or any communication for 45 minutes which only scared people more. Eventually they moved us to a nicer room with a TV and wifi. We waited four hours for a rescue plane and we were accommodated.

However, Davies also confirmed that the couple were “absolutely fine” after the incident. Speaking to news.com.au, Head said it was “a bit hairy” and his partner actually handled the incident better than him. Head must play for Australia as he has been selected in the squad for the upcoming Sri Lanka tour, starting next month. It was selected for the ODI and Test formats earlier this month.