Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India:
TripFactory’s vision, when it was founded in 2013, was to build the largest vacation store in the world. A limitless store of products, experiences and reach. Also provide consumers with the ultimate travel shopping machine, which can personalize and relate very deeply to consumers.

Embarking on this journey to make travel seamless for everyone, TripFactory has been the North Star guiding millions of customers with unique travel experiences across 6 continents.

The company recently launched its franchise stores in Ahmedabad (Bopal and Satellite) adding to the list of existing stores in Amritsar, Surat, Kolkata, Gwalior, Gorakhpur, Noida, Pune, Delhi, Coimbatore and Bangalore. TripFactory plans to create over 1500 franchise stores by the end of 2022 so travelers can walk into their nearest store and start planning their trip!

The Ahmedabad stores were inaugurated by Ms. RJ Dipali (radio presenter and influencer). As part of its inaugural offer, customers could try their luck to win a free trip to Goa. Customers can enter stores, scratch off a card and, if they are lucky, win a free trip to Goa. With most destinations opening up to vaccinated travellers, the stores are offering enticing introductory offers for domestic destinations like Kashmir, Andaman, Coorg, Gujarat, Goa, Rajasthan and international destinations like Maldives, Dubai, Switzerland, Turkey, France, Iceland and Egypt.

TripFactory is for travelers who expect the highest level of service and attention to detail from the minute they start planning their trip. Experienced travel experts are also available around the clock to ensure the best in assisted leisure trip planning and delivery.

With customers being extremely attentive to every detail of their trip, TripFactory’s neighborhood franchise stores allow consumers to travel with ease. Franchise stores operate within an ecosystem designed to provide consumers with not only a hassle-free vacation shopping experience, but also an experience that will help consumers feel and visualize their vacation in detail.

Stores are supported by smart interfaces, driven by language processing algorithms that allow them to instantly create truly personalized vacations. This, in turn, is supported by the best prices from suppliers and airline partners, so consumers have access to the lowest prices for their journey.

The company’s franchisees are to benefit from its brand presence, consumer loyalty, project management, marketing assistance, lead generation, and TripFactory’s proprietary technology that drives operations.

TripFactory is run by Vinay Gupta who founded Via.com with Amit Aggarwal and Varun Gupta. “We believe travel planning should be simple and hassle-free. That’s why we bring travel planning to life through the experience and expertise of seasoned travel experts who create experiences for you personalized vacations in minutes using our AI-driven platform,” said Vinay Gupta.

About TripFactory

TripFactory, founded in 2013, is an online travel portal that allows users to discover, plan and book vacation trips. It is the largest online vacation store where consumers can buy their vacation the way they want, either by customizing it online or by seeking advice from experts who can plan it. TripFactory was created to solve the problem of selling vacations. Holidays are a complex industry, with many possibilities and complexities, and the holiday industry in India is booming. As everyone wants to get away from it all, we believe consumers should have access to the greatest choice and the best prices with unparalleled search and discovery tools that make booking the perfect vacation magical.

TripFactory is an official partner of Go Air and key partners of Indigo, Cathay and other carriers to take advantage of the personalized vacation package platform. TripFactory head office is located in Bengaluru, Karnataka with offices in Russia, New Zealand, GCC countries, SEA, Europe, North America, Central and South America.

For more information, visit us: https://www.tripfactory.com/ or visit our stores in Ahmedabad at the addresses below-

TripFactory Satellite | Shop 53, Ground Floor Titanium City Center Mall 100 ft Wide Road, Prahladnagar, Satellite, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380015 | Telephone – +91-9727740192

TripFactory Bopal | Shop No.1127, East Court, TRP Mall, Bopal, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380058 | Phone +91-8128217521

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