If there is one special thing about the proposals, it is that they always stay with you. From cleverly orchestrated proposals to totally spontaneous proposals, we love the randomness, the incredibly gentle gestures and the laughable blunders. Today we have such a sweetest story. A story of proposal from two social entrepreneurs, Sejal and Vishal. Founders of several companies, the young couple have long prospered in the digital industry.

How did they meet?

Sejal and Vishal were classmates and although they both knew each other at the time, they were not related on a personal level. As the two began to find ways to make their individual dreams come true in a city where it’s surprisingly difficult to meet someone again, they met at a virtual business event. Vishal quotes from one of her Instagram posts: “10 years ago I saw her for the first time and immediately fell in love with her, 6 years ago I first spoke to her times 3 years ago I gathered all my courage and asked she went out and a few months ago I asked her to marry me and she said YES!

What a surreal moment it was. 10 years of crush, 3 years of dating and finally asking her to marry me, what a great trip it has been. I could not have asked for anything more from a partner, I am truly blessed and thank the Lord everyday for this.

He also wrote an entire song for her and had a professional singer and songwriter perform it. His name is ‘Sejal Si Aankhen Teri’ and you can find him on YouTube. As the two planned a business trip to Dubai to expand their business, the trip turned out to be the sweetest story of their lives.


Traveling to Dubai from India, the couple had to quarantine themselves in the Maldives due to travel restrictions imposed by the United Arab Emirates. Vishal told Sejal that he planned a yacht ride to an island for his newly married sister and brother-in-law. Sejal enjoyed the ride thinking of it as a celebration, she had no idea Vishal had arranged this for her. After the yacht ride, they flew over a seaplane and landed in the middle of the ocean.

As they approached the place, the wind howled and the waves crashed into the silence of the island. The next preview for Sejal was Vishal standing between a beautiful proposal set up with a large painting showing the question, “Will you marry me Sejal?” Sejal said: “I was completely clueless, I felt like I was living my fairytale. I thought the whole trip to the island was a celebration for the newly married couple. But Vishal intended to bring me back to India as a bride haha. “

As Vishal knelt with a ring, Sejal drenched the moment extensively and said “YES!” Vishal said: “I wanted it to be perfect, everything was planned out and looked phenomenal in my head. But, once I was there with her, it really just got more magical.” The proposal date ended with nods to new beginnings accompanied by their family, enjoying their favorite movie amid a serene setup and a perfect story to tell the world.

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