Vacations to the UAE remain popular, with Dubai topping the list of top destinations for UAE residents.

Abu Dhabi came second in YouGov’s list, which ranked the top 10 destinations for UAE consumers using what the global public opinion and data firm calls an impression score.

Dubai ranked first with a score of 65.7, while the capital of the United Arab Emirates was close behind with a score of 50.2. Both cities improved their print scores in 2021.

Internationally, the destination that UAE residents hold in high esteem is Switzerland, which scored 31.6.

Famous as much for its natural alpine beauty as it is for its expensive watches and artisanal chocolate, the country has also relaxed entry requirements. Travelers from the United Arab Emirates can now travel to Switzerland without any Covid-19 restrictions, such as pre-departure testing, vaccination requirements or passenger locator forms.

Singapore is the second international destination and fourth overall on the list. The City of the Lion also saw the biggest change in score, improving by 6.3 points since 2021.

After imposing some of the strictest border rules at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, the island nation is slowly reopening to visitors and vaccinated residents of the United Arab Emirates can visit from Friday, if they meet the conditions of entry. eligibility and are quarantined.

Canada remains a popular destination for UAE consumers.  Photo: Calle Montes / Photononstop / Corbis

Canada – which has just eased Covid-19 testing restrictions for travelers – is the third highest ranked international country by residents of the United Arab Emirates. The sprawling nation famous for its rugged coastlines, culture-filled cities and mountain-laden wilderness, scored 28.6.

Maldives holiday hotspot also ranked in the top 10.

The idyllic island nation was the fourth highest ranked foreign destination and sixth overall. With most islands in the archipelago sticking to a one-island-and-resort policy, the Indian Ocean destination offers social distancing almost by default.

The Maldives ranks sixth overall and is the fourth best international destination according to UAE residents.  Photo: Unsplash

Interestingly, there were no US destinations in the top 10, a country that has generally been a popular location for UAE residents.

Top 10 destinations for UAE consumers

  1. Dubai 65.7
  2. Abu Dhabi 50.2
  3. Switzerland 31.6
  4. Singapore 30.9
  5. Canada 28.6
  6. Maldives 27.6
  7. Japan 25.7
  8. United Kingdom 23.6
  9. Germany 23.2
  10. South Korea 21.8

The information was released as part of YouGov’s Travel & Tourism: Brand & Destination Rankings 2022, which also ranked Emirates as the number one brand for travelers to the UAE, followed by Etihad Airways.

Updated: February 23, 2022, 8:09 a.m.