Travelers between the ages of 18 and 35 are recovering massively from the pandemic.

Over the past year and a half, when all trips were blocked, it was these travelers who shared their stories and favorite destinations on social media, changing not only the destinations they would like to visit, but also the trends. and the experiences they prefer. .


Young travelers, according to Contiki, want either a beach vacation, European explorations, or something in between.

Immersion and adventure activities are a priority for many travelers as they begin to venture out into the world. The desire to live more is going to be the impetus for many young travelers to visit places like Thailand, Ireland, Egypt and South Africa.

Solo travelers also account for almost half of the tour operator’s bookings for next year, demonstrating not only a confidence in traveling alone, but also a desire to experience the world from their own homes. own unique perspectives.

The average age of travelers booking with Contiki is 27, which makes sense given that this is usually a time when professionals earn enough to start traveling before being forced to pay for other stages. costly lives, such as getting married, buying a house, or having a child.

In fashion now

Two millennial travel advisors weighed in on trends they saw in their young travelers.

Ryan Doncsecz, Head of the Groups Department at VIP Vacations and Jordan Bradshaw, Vice President of Northcutt Travel Agency, both see similar trends emerging among their clients.

Popular destinations for young clients of both agencies include Mexico and the Caribbean, especially when it comes to all-inclusives, as well as the ever-popular Walt Disney World and Disneyland. The main trend, however, is to focus on more FIT trips with a focus on immersion and discovery.

“We have seen a great wave of young travelers interested in the world,” Doncsecz said. “The first place in terms of ‘new booking requests’ that surprised me a bit is the Maldives. Although it has always been a destination of choice for many, social media has helped share this unique place with gorgeous beaches and hotels for the next generation of adventurers. This seems particularly popular in the honeymoon market. “

Bradshaw has seen a similar interest in the Maldives and other tropical destinations that offer both beaches and adventure activities for honeymooners.

He also echoed the same trend in social media influencing young customers: “We also see that the younger generation of travelers are very influenced by what they see on social media and base their destinations on which they pose. questions about 60-second clips they see on TikTok or Instagram. This is where I think a great travel agent can come in and give more information about these destinations and if they think they would actually be right for the customer.

Another trend they have observed is that younger travelers are often more willing to skimp on things like plane tickets in order to use their money in a more rewarding way for them. This also includes the comparison of travel counselors.

“A young traveler will always book the ‘economy base’ flight to save $ 50 in advance, but then spend that $ 50 wholeheartedly while they are away. As an advisor, it is important to recognize that prices may be charged to you and often directly compared to another agency, ”commented Doncsecz.

With many young travelers already fully vaccinated, travel fears are more about getting stuck in another country after testing positive than safety fears overseas.

Overall, young travelers are looking for amazing getaways with opportunities for immersion and discovery, often influenced by social media and always on a budget.